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The PTA is a group that is committed to community improvement.  Our organization was created to serve the needs of the elementary, middle, and high schools.  We are open to anyone that wishes to be a positive influence on our youth.  Parents, grandparents, and all community members are all welcome to join.

Our mission is to foster positive relationships between parents, students, and school staff.  We look forward to organizing activities that benefit our children and families.  We are also on the lookout for ways to help our dedicated teachers.

This is a great time for members of the community to get involved in PTA.  I realize that many of us lead busy lives, and you may be concerned about adding one more thing to your already crazy schedule.  However, one of the many great things about the PTA is that there are options for all levels of involvement.  From being a committee chair to donating a dish for potluck, we have a spot for you!


Tammy Warnell

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