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Playground Work Completed

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In the summer of 2010, 72 two thousand pound bags of rubber chunk were delivered to the elementary playground.  After many volunteers spent many hours digging out all the woodchips, this rubber chunk was installed to cover the play area under the playground equipment.

A year later, staff and students are very happy with the new surface.  The rubber chunks are cleanerthan the woodchips, and dry more quickly after the rain.  The rubber is also a much softer surface, and is a safer alternative to gravel or woodchips.  Students love the “bouncy” feel of the surface and make positive comments about the rubber chunk surface.

A small amount of rubber chunks get carried into the building in shoes and pant cuffs (just as the wood chips did), and so each classroom has a small bucket for rubber chunks.  Students throw the pieces there, and weekly it is deposited back on the playground.

The depth of the rubber varies across the playground, as students move it around simply by running, playing, and sometimes digging in it.  This summer, six more bags were purchased and delivered on June 1st, 2011. About 20 volunteers including elementary students, middle and high school students, and parents and teachers helped to move the rubber chunks where most needed with buckets, wheelbarrows, and rakes.

Thank you to all our volunteers for helping to spruce up our playground for the coming year!

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Playground Work Completed