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Leaves and Trees

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TREES In Science kindergarteners have been learning all about trees and what happens to them in the fall. At the beginning of the year, we really concentrated on labeling the parts of a tree. Our focus then moved to understanding that there are different types of trees. Students got to spend time outside making observations about what trees look like, how they feel, and what they are used for. We also put together many tree puzzles!

LEAVES Our little scientists are now learning all about leaves! We learned what happens to trees when the weather changes and how the leaves change colors and fall off. Just like trees, students noticed that leaves can be different too! Some are different colors, some are big and some are little, and also some have pointy edges and some have smooth edges. Kindergarteners are wonderful observers! Science has to be fun, so kindergarteners got to make their own fall leaf sun catchers using a food coloring and water mixture. This last week all three classes even went on a leaf hunt around the school to collect fall leaves for further examinations.

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Leaves and Trees