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No Days Like Snow Days!

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-by Supt Schutz
Whether the weather is hot,
Whether the weather is not,
Whatever the weather –
We must weather the weather,
Whether we like it or not.
School was cancelled four full days for students for weather-related
purposes this school year. (We also cancelled our staff development
activity on MLK Day.) Three of the four days have been rescheduled
(two during the school year and one at the end of the calendar).
Cancelled Date Rescheduled To
January 10th February 20th
January 17th April 17th
January 25th June 2nd
February 24th ?
Since June 2nd is a Friday and many families have made plans for the
next calendar week, we are contemplating not having students return
to school for the day missed on February 24th. We deliberately have
not made this determination yet…because we were uncertain if there
would be additional closures during the month of March (in like a
lamb, out like a lion?).
The school year has progressed into April without additional days
out…and although it is not impossible for a massive weather-related
event to occur this late in the season–we are hoping that there will be
none. So as of now…we are planning on NOT making up the February
24th date for students. We will make sure to publish/post to families
ASAP if the situation changes.
FYI: Partial days out due to weather (late start or early outs) do not
need to be made up as long as students are in session more than the
minimum prescribed by the state for the year. (We are currently
scheduled to be well above that amount.)
BY THE WAY…Parents of seniors need not worry. Iowa law makes
specific exemptions for hour requirements for HS Seniors so that
graduation will not need to be rescheduled.

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No Days Like Snow Days!