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“Spartan Tunnel” A New Tradition

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Just as professional players emerge from their stadium tunnels as they

prepare for the big game…we now have the “Spartan Tunnel” to motivate our

athletes as they emerge to compete in Spartan Stadium. This new hallway is

the primary south entrance to the new practice gym. Our athletes will

emerge from this hallway to the new backlit stainless Grundy Center Spartan

entrance as they enter Spartan Stadium. The audience will be able to see the

team emerge with a quality vantage point from the home bleachers as they

look to the right side of the (new last year) scoreboard. Special thanks to

Rhonda Sternhagen, who made the motivational signs (theme words from

some of our coaches). Future improvements could include possibly adding

large vinyl blown-up pictures of Spartan athletes on the left wall.

The new practice gym is outfitted with the necessary classroom

equipment (video projector, audio) for classroom use as well as netting and

batting/golf cages and turf/mat storage to support activities. Also included

is storage space to support our dance team and sound panels to enhance

acoustics for use by the music department. This facility will also be used for

indoor recess and group activities by our middle school students during the

day. Middle school athletes will now be able to compete/participate on site

at their campus on a regulation-size court instead of having to travel and

play on a short-court at the elementary. This new gym/classroom will enrich

the experience of virtually every Grundy Center Student as well as provide a

focal point of Spartan Pride for our entire community

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“Spartan Tunnel” A New Tradition