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Trusted Readers

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The Trusted Readers have been putting in a lot of
hours “behind the scenes” writing back and forth
with the 8th graders. Trusted Readers were
chosen in November based on essays written
regarding qualities they had that would make them
a good candidate.
A Trusted Reader is a senior who writes back and
forth to 8th grade students to foster a community of
connectedness between grade levels. Seniors and
8th graders are both in a position of being about to
enter this new world that they haven’t experienced
before. They are at a point where they can reflect
on what they learned over the past few school
years and use that information to move forward in
being the best version of themselves. Eighth
graders and seniors correspond roughly twice each
week and the 8th graders look forward to getting
advice, answers to their questions about high
school, or just hearing from someone older than
them. Each group is working on the skill of
communication through writing and timeliness.
This correspondence will continue until spring
break and then these two groups will get together
for a celebration to wish the seniors well as they
enter this next phase of their schooling or training.

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Trusted Readers