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Marching Through The Year

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Marching Through The Year!
We are already on the doorsteps of March! I am sure many of us are hoping it means the
end of snow days and getting back to class! To make up for lost instructional time,
currently, we are planning full school days on March 29; April 3 and 22; May 15 and 31; and
June 3, 4 and 5. There will also be a 12:45 early out on April 19. Although trimester
scheduling has no effect on elementary instruction, the end of Trimester 2 will be March 5.
GREAT NEWS from FAST reading testing! Grundy Center Elementary is proud
to announce that 92% of all K-4 students are currently meeting their reading
benchmark during the winter assessment! That’s FANTASTIC! For the State
of Iowa Early Literacy campaign, 93% of our K-3 students have met their
winter benchmark! Outstanding!

The fourth and fifth grade Battle of the Books teams are hard at work reading all of the
books for the competition. A special thanks goes out to all of the students who spend some
after school time to prepare, and Mrs. Liston and Mrs. Strohbehn who volunteer their time
to guide the team!
Grundy Center Elementary is one of 20 elementary schools in Iowa to participate in a special
project between the Iowa Department of
Education and the ASK (Access for Special Kids)
Resource Center in Johnston, Iowa. The project
involves collecting data and studying how Grundy
Center Elementary can enhance family-educator
collaboration for the benefit of students. WE
NEED YOUR HELP! Please fill out the survey
located on the flyer after this newsletter or go to
SV_9XFOYew339OYzVb Thank you!
Grundy Center Elementary celebrated their Mock
Caldecott choices for 2019. The students chose to
honor What If? by Samantha Berger and Mike

Important Dates:
Mar. 5 End of Trimester 2
Mar. 6 12:45 Early Out
Mar. 12 Report Cards Go Home
Mar. 12 Family Math Night 5:30-7:00
Mar. 14 Kindergarten Concerts
Mar 18-22 Spring Break
Mar. 26 12:45 Early Out
Mar. 26 Conferences 4:00-8:00
Mar. 28 12:45 Early Out
Mar. 28 Conferences 4:00-8:00
Mar. 29 Now a Full Day of School


Curato, Blue by Laura Vaccaro Seeger, Ocean Meets Sky by by Terry
and Eric Fan, and Hello Lighthouse by Sophia Blackall. Our choice
for winner is Baby Monkey, Private Eye by Brian Selznick. Of the
23 books chosen to study for this year’s Mock Caldecott, three
honors and the winning book were all included! Thank you to the
Grundy Center Community School Foundation for their grant
Some members of Grundy Center Elementary staff are
participating in a SAMI (self-assessment of MTSS implementation)
review. The SAMI review will let us know how well we are
teaching and assessing students in reading, math, and social emotional learning. This
assessment is optional for our school.
The TK classroom recently presented their informance for parents and family members.
The informance allowed guests an opportunity to literally see inside the TK music and
art classrooms. The students did a wonderful job! A special thanks to Mrs. Leverton and
Mrs. Steenhoek for all of their effort this year!
Kindergarten Round-Up is coming right around the corner. This year marks an exciting
change as we move round-up to two half-days for students on April 3 and 4. ALL students
who will be 5 by September 15, 2019 should attend round-up. Another exciting change is
the selection process for transitional kindergarten (TK) students. Parents may request to
apply for their students into the TK program and an early childhood team (preschool
teachers, TK teacher, kindergarten teacher, district administration) will select the TK
roster for the following year. Please see the letter explaining transitional kindergarten
following this newsletter. These forms will be sent out in your kindergarten round-up
packets, so there is no need to print them at this time.
The new state-wide assessment for grades 3-11 is called ISASP (Iowa Student Assessment
of Student Progress). We will be administering the ISASP in the month of April. It is an
assessment taken on the computer. Teachers and
administration will be helping students prepare
for this test, but in the meantime, feel free to
visit for practice
Principal Book Talks in the month of February
focused on pets. The read aloud included The
Rough Patch by Brian Lies. Book talks included
Katrina Dogs by D.G.W. Page, Can I Be Your Dog
by Troy Cummings, Tuesday Tucks Me In by Luis

MARCH 2019

Kindergarteners play new
word wall and math

First graders investigate! Identifying
objects by the sound they make when
they are dropped, what fun!

Fun at the Mega Party!

100 Day STEM activities
Carlos Montalvan, and Marley: A Dog Like No Other by John
We have a VERY exciting Family Math Night happening at
Grundy Center Elementary on March 12 from 5:30pm to
7:00pm. We are looking forward to a lot of fun and games.
We sure hope you and your family can join us because I know
the kids will be excited!
Yours in education,
Brian Sammons, Elementary Principal

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Marching Through The Year