Welcome, Spring! No, really, WELCOME!

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Welcome back! At this point, we will take all of the above 32 degree days we can get!
Warmer spring days mean more recesses held outdoors, but please remember to send warm
clothing for your children as we make this transition from cold mornings to warmer
Thank you to everyone who was able to make it to our Family Math Night on March 12. 70%
of our students were able to attend our evening event! A special thank you to kindergarten
teacher, Mrs. Hendershot, for chairing the committee for this activity and for all of the
teachers who worked to prepare activities for our guests. It was a fantastic event!
Congratulations to all of the kindergarteners who shared what they are learning in music
and art classes with families during their Spring Kinder “garden” informance on March 14.
Great job! A special thank you to Mrs. Steenhoek and Mrs. Leverton for helping our students
learn and share their accomplishments!
Principal book talks this month focused around the story Up in the Leaves: The True Story of
the Central Park Treehouses by Shira Boss and Jamey Christoph. The students enjoyed
learning about a somewhat mischievous young boy who used his creativity to build hidden
treehouses in Central Park. The story has a twist
at the end, so be sure to ask your child what that
man does today!
Bob Case from Capturing Kids Hearts will be
visiting Grundy Center Elementary in April to see
how we are incorporating its activities and
philosophy. One visible example are the posters
we have in common areas which show how we
expect all people in that area to behave. Check
them out next time you are visiting!
Some of the most exciting news to share are the
results of the early literacy compared to other
schools in Central Rivers AEA. In the winter, the average percent of students proficient in
literacy throughout all of Central Rivers AEA is 66%. Grundy Center Elementary had 93%
of students currently achievement benchmark status! Way to go!
I would like to end the April newsletter sharing my appreciation for the great staff working
in our building. They are good at their jobs and not afraid to try new things. This summer,
I will be attending the Iowa Reading Association/Iowa Association of School Librarians
conference and receive the 2019 Reading Administrator of Iowa Award. I humbly accept
that award knowing that without hard work and support of our staff, this award would have
not been received. We will continue to create the love of reading and cheer for books
every day of the year. #GCReads!
Yours in education,
Brian Sammons, Elementary Principal

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