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We create pathways to success by providing opportunities for growth to all learners.
Belief Statements
• Motivation cannot be forced; it is nurtured by interesting, meaningful experiences.
• Discipline is achieved through mutual respect, not through fear.
• High expectations and reasonable challenges belong to all.
• All children can learn.
• All must work to create a climate of success.
• Belonging
• Connectedness
• Dignity
• Caring

• Power
• Competence
• Learning
• Influence

• Fun
• Humor
• Variety
• Joy

• Freedom
• Choice
• Alternatives
• Hope
Grundy Center Schools is a community of learners committed to providing a world-class education that develops individual skills and empowers students to be collaborative, responsible citizens with the knowledge and character necessary for success in a rapidly changing society.
Vision Statements
• All community members work collaboratively, treat others with dignity, and find joy in their life within the school.
• All community members have a shared sense of responsibility towards creating a safe, trusting environment.
• All community members work cooperatively to achieve the school’s mission and goal.
• All community members work to ensure that communication, both internally and externally, is open and active toward continuously finding ways to help students learn.
• All community members work to ensure that problem-solving and decision-making is based on theory, research, and/or data which focuses on solutions.
• All staff maintains a curriculum which is of high quality and is connected across disciplines.
• District-wide use of technology enhances and advances learning; district wide use of technology aids in management of system information.
Essential Learnings
Knowledgeable Person
Quality Producer
Cooperative/Collaborative Worker
Contributing Citizen
Critical (Creative) Thinking
Effective Communicator
Problem Solver