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Mr. Kuefler made it to Grundy Center Elementary! On March 23, we had the privilege of
hosting Mr. Kuefler after a string of postponements. As expected, he delivered! Mr. Kuefler met with
small groups of two sections of students at a time to teach them some tips about drawing, being an
artist, and how to draw Digger from his latest book. Mr. Kuefler also presented two assemblies where
he read his latest book and talked to the students about the importance of being creative. He also
talked about a few of his upcoming books and talked to the students about how he travels the country
to so many schools, and how special he feels when he visits Grundy Center Elementary. In his words,
“Nobody does it like Grundy Center!” Money from our annual fundraising efforts funded this event
and many other opportunities for our students.
With school safety events back in the headlines again, I wanted to share some brief information
about how our staff helps keep our students safe. Every year, we practice four fire drills and three
tornado drills teaching the students to move as quickly as possible to safety. We also practice intruder
drills three times a year. There is a delicate line when talking with students about this type of safety, so
we do our best to handle it with care, but yet teach the students to be safe. In every emergency, there
is one common factor. The students MUST be quiet and
listen to the teacher give directions on how to be the most
safe in each situation.
On April 27, we look forward to hosting author/
illustrator LeUyen (Win) Pham from Los Angeles, California!
We will be reading many of her books including The Princess
in Black series and the FreckleFace Strawberry Series. We
will have two options for ordering a book for her to sign,
both at $9. As students read and learn more about LeUyen,
our excitement will continue to grow for the BIG day!
Brian Sammons, Elementary Principal

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