What is Transitional Kindergarten?

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Transitional kindergarten (TK) is a full day alternate state certified kindergarten program held
within Grundy Center Elementary for students who turn 5 by September 15 of the school
year they wish to enroll. This program promotes self confidence, independence and gives
children another year to develop physically, socially, and
academically before entering a kindergarten classroom.
Parents may apply to request placement into the TK program
during kindergarten roundup by filling out a formal TK request
during kindergarten roundup. After thorough evaluation by a
group of early childhood educators including district
administration and preschool, kindergarten, and TK teachers, a
TK class roster will be created.
Typically, TK students complete their first year of education and
then transition into a kindergarten classroom. It is possible a
student who is declined admission into the TK program spend two years in kindergarten
classrooms as an alternate option.
The TK program follows kindergarten Iowa Core Curriculum expectations, but slows the
pace of learning and develops deeper understandings of the most important standards while
choosing fewer optional learning standards.
TK is funded in the same way all other students and programs are funded, and all TK
students are assessed with the same statewide kindergarten assessments.
Brian Sammons
Elementary Principal

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