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  1. What is the Grundy Center Community School District Foundation?

Created in 1992, this non-profit foundation was established to attract, collect, manage, and disburse contributions to foster excellence in all aspects of the Grundy Center Community School District.

  1. Who is contacted for the annual fund drive?

Alumni, business associates, service organizations and faculty, patrons, and friends are offered the opportunity to support the district by donating to the foundation.

  1. How are the funds used?

The foundation exists to provide educational opportunities that cannot be offered because of our size and budgetary constraints. Money will be granted in response to applications from specific academic areas or from music, drama or athletic programs.

  1. How are contributions recognized?

The names of all contributors will be published in July in the Grundy Register in conjunction with the Felix Grundy Festival. In addition, names are listed on the school web-site.

  1. Will gifts be considered cumulative for moving into a higher category of giving?

Yes. Annual contributions will be noted and will allow donors to move up through the levels of giving.

  1. Is my gift tax deductible?

Yes. The foundation has received a certificate of exemption from the Internal Revenue Service, which enables you to deduct your gift as a charitable contribution.

Grundy Center Community School District Foundation

Board of Trustees

Kathy Zeiner, President Kathy Mock, Vice-President Phil Johnson, Secretary-Treasurer Erika Allen Wendy Muller Kathy Ross Robert Hughes, District Superintendent Steven Martens, School Board Representative Contact Information: Grundy Center Community School District Foundation 1301 12th Street Grundy Center, IA 50638 319-825-5418